Danke, Absolut

absolut01WHILE following the story of Austria Salzburg these last four years, our pals at Fanclub Absolut have been an indispensable source of news and inspiration.

Formed in 1994, Absolut are amongst the oldest of twenty or so such groups which made up the 1,000 souls that walked out on their bastardised football club in 2005 to form the backbone of a new, real one.

Twice, they have generously accommodated our ill-advised attempts to survive a whole weekend in Salzburg on an authentic Austrian diet of beer, cabbage and extruded meat products.

They have introduced us to the club’s countless colourful characters as well as some quaint local customs, such as disgustedly throwing pints of red wine and coke into a bush because – unlike the mighty Stiegl – it’s “un-Austrian”.

So when they asked for assistance in designing a brand new banner a few weeks ago, it was the very least I could do. As if to prove there’s more than just Gill Sans in the type drawer (more on Eric Gill some other time – let’s save him for a rainy day), they now have a new logo as well.

absolut02I say “new”; if you don’t mention it to Arthur Guinness, neither will I. It received its first airing at top-of-the-table Austria Salzburg’s second five-goal haul of the season a fortnight ago against Hallwang, which just happened to precede another at Piesendorf last weekend. Now’s not really the time to bring up the 3rd round Landescup loss to St. Johann, so better luck in the league against FC Zell am See tomorrow, lads.

5 Responses to “Danke, Absolut”

  1. A new badge, a new ground and a new starting line up. Will the new design take the club back to it’s rightful place in the top tier of Austrian football?
    Either way it’s likely to end up covered in Stiegl.

  2. Well, we had a – in a positive sense – boring afternoon against Zell am See (who are 5th now by the way), winning 3:1. We brought them back into the match after the opener with an own goal but put things straight just shortly before the interval.
    The Absolut banner was once again proudly on display. What a masterpiece it is, beautiful and proud. And personally, I like the reference to Guinness, it reflects the spirit of this community…
    Personally, it’s a fine day for me, appearing for the first time in my life in person on an English website. So what else could come?

  3. This latest banner follows a long line of “Absolut” predecessors. After the first one being captured by a Romanian policeman at the 1995 Steaua champions league qualifier, we quickly produced a replica that is still in use. A modernized version came in 2007 and was for the first time produced by a professional printer – with the result of a somewhat pinkish colour. So finally, here comes the new design and a very fine printer quality at last! Besides that, we threw away the whole old “design” and relaunched the website, merchandising stuff etc etc. with the new logo. It fits quite nicely, doesn’t resemble any sticky energy drink logo at all!

  4. Welcome to the site, everyone.

    Gebhard – speaking of being captured by a Romanian policeman, has anyone heard from Harry since he went to Bucharest the other day..?!

  5. Hey, I am back in one piece and good condition. The only dangerous thing in Romania is that you just don’t get to bed in time, thanks to the price and quality of the local drinks. Romanian brewers have the funny opinion that part of their product range has to bear a German name by the way, therefore, you end up in confusion with beers being called names like “Neumarkt” etc..
    Saw a match in front of a crowd of less than 5000 and god, both times definitely deserve to be in the same place in the summer of 2010 – at home in front of the TV.
    Now back to REAL football again with the big match tomorrow in Saalfelden, that’s what counts…

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