Beeston: been there? Buy the T-shirt!

SINCE TBG launched “Visit Beeston”, it’s been a hectic fortnight for Leeds United chairman and poster boy Ken Bates.

Either side of raising season ticket prices (again), he mounted his trusty soapbox (again) on climate change, AIDS and third world water supply and found himself under the the scrutiny (again) of the Guardian’s David Conn.

Phew. All we’ve done is these “Visit Beeston” t-shirts in association with Leeds United fanzine The Square Ball; yours to pre-order now at

You don’t have to visit Beeston to wear one – but it helps!

2 Responses to “Beeston: been there? Buy the T-shirt!”

  1. Got the postcard version of this proudly displayed on my desk. Great work as always TBG.

  2. That’s good to hear, TSS. Make sure you collect the set! And more free “Visit Beeston” downloads are on the way today…

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