Ken, your starter for ten…

“Our situation is paradoxical: never have the forces of repression been so weakened, yet never have the exploited masses been so passive. Still, insurrectional consciousness always sleeps with one eye open. The arrogance, incompetence, and powerlessness of the governing classes will eventually rouse it from its slumber.”
~ Raoul Vaneigem

Ten for Ken flyerTHE outcome of last week’s unprecedented summit meeting of individual Leeds United fans with existing official and unofficial groups, Ten for Ken offers the best opportunity yet for the devoted and the disgruntled to try to comprehend the goings-on at our football club.

Ten for Ken is the distillation of 5 years of Ken Bates’s Leeds United into 10 core questions we supporters feel duty-bound to ask our football club. Does it feel duty-bound to answer them?

So read them, download them, print and share them. Agree with them or disagree with them. But consider them, talk about them and go to and join them.

Look out for Ten for Ken flyers at Elland Road tomorrow, and listen now to Ten For Ken on last night’s Leeds United Unplugged show on Radio Leeds.

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