Infographic: Who owns Leeds United?

EDIT: This update of the Who Owns Leeds United? infographic is outdated! Click here for version 3.0, the most comprehensive yet.

OVER yet another boozy lunch with a journalist at “his usual table at the Cafe de Paris” in Monaco, Ken Bates deflected a question from the Independent‘s Brian Viner about Leeds United’s ownership with: “We have complied with Football League regulations, it’s all on the website, and there it is.”

But does anyone understand it? We drew a diagram and still aren’t sure. See it in issue 2 of the 48-page The Square Ball, available in full colour for just £1 from vendors around Elland Road at tomorrow’s game against Swansea City, and also online at

PDF file: A4 sheet

Who owns Leeds United?

4 Responses to “Infographic: Who owns Leeds United?”

  1. As usual Mr Bates is being economical with the truth.assuming 2 million per year is the true rent it still doesn’t equate to 7 Pounds per head per match.Just do the sums based on a very low average attendance of 20,000 per league game,let alone the odd cup game.

  2. Brian, in the past such comments have referred to non-season ticket holding match attendees so perhaps that’s what he meant, I don’t know. What I do know, as you do, is that Bates is fond, often bewilderingly so, of breaking things down in this manner.

  3. It will never come out till ken sells. The ground and and the training ground will be tied in as well that is a given. Why wouldnt he pay 7.5 million for something thats worth 5 times that and the council would of invested but even they smell a big grey furry rat.

  4. I’ve had no choice but to admit defeat. Trying to figure out this whole ownership farce gives me headaches!

    Great stuff in TSB mag as always though. Keep up the good work. MOT!

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