Sickpots in The Square Ball

"You get a few sickpots who support Leeds who blame me for everything and I’m getting a bit tired of it."

The Square Ball 2010/11 issue 4DESPITE the fact he can be heard on there at least once a week, Leeds United chairman Ken Bates has never taken fans’ calls live on Yorkshire Radio. Could it be there are more “sickpots” than he’d care to mention?

So let’s hear it for independence in the best-looking issue of The Square Ball yet, on sale for £1 at and from vendors around Elland Road at Saturday’s game against Bristol City.

2 Responses to “Sickpots in The Square Ball”

  1. Haha, just when you thought Ken Bates was starting to mellow!

  2. I’m not sure he ever will! But neither will we, so that’s alright.

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