We bring you the head of Ken Bates

REMEMBER the mysterious emergence of a copper Ken? Thanks to its commissioner Mike Boorman, Aidan Brown’s life-sized bust of the Beeston Hotelier goes on show for the first time in the city of Leeds at The Square Ball Christmas Party at Temple Works on Saturday, straight after the home game against Reading.

The art world hasn’t seen such derring-do since Duchamp signed a piss pot. Be there! Book your £2 ticket right now at thesquareball.net

All proceeds go to the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal.

3 Responses to “We bring you the head of Ken Bates”

  1. You’ve sent a lot of shivers down a lot of spines with this.

  2. Is it scratch and sniff ?

    If so I assume it stinks of piss like our Ken ?

  3. Make one of chocolate and then you can happily bite his nose off!

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