Leeds United’s last great 1 to 11

TO SUPPORTERS of a certain age, their names roll from the tongue as readily as Revie’s men of the 60s and 70s. When Lukic, Sterland, Dorigo, Batty, Fairclough, Whyte, Strachan, Wallace, Chapman, McAllister and Speed brought the League title to Leeds, Kick Sportswear decked out players and fans alike in all-over print t-shirts bearing huge club crests on blocks of white, blue and yellow which proudly proclaimed LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS in Compacta Bold Italic.

Inside the brand new special 64-page issue of The Square Ball, alongside fans’ recollections of 1992 (and contrasting reflections on present-day mediocrity) lies my take on an early-90s design classic.

Buy the final TSB of the season from sellers around Elland Road at Saturday’s game against Leicester City, or online right now at thesquareball.net

4 Responses to “Leeds United’s last great 1 to 11”

  1. Can this be reworked into a (widescreen) desktop wallpaper?

  2. It can be, but it won’t be until next week because I’m lazy. Until then, perhaps I could interest you in a smashing Visit Beeston wallpaper?

  3. One big mistake here mate, Tony Currie is missing but I forgive you probably weren’t in your forthcoming father’s eyes gleam ….


  4. I was almost 3 years old when Tony Currie left Leeds United, but even at that age it was pretty obvious to me that the side he represented wasn’t the one which won the League in 1992!

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