Leeds Fans United on Lowfields Road

I RECENTLY did this follow-up ad to last month’s Time For Change poster for Leeds United Supporters Trust, because I believe – pissed-up pitch invading pillocks notwithstanding – that nothing in football has more importance than fans. Without us, it’s just 22 people getting some exercise.

Look out for the ad in the new issue of the by-the-fans, for-the-fans magazine, The Square Ball, on sale outside Elland Road at Saturday’s home game against Birmingham City and online right now at thesquareball.net.

Leeds Fans United

7 Responses to “Leeds Fans United on Lowfields Road”

  1. No one cares anymore, look at the atmosphere last night, ER is dead. Bates has killed our club and a generation of supporters are being lost. Its all too far gone as far as I’m concerned. I give up

  2. Whats missing at the once mighty whites is ambition…a lack of investment..call it what you want. Being a 46 year old life long leeds fan from notts why should i shell out good money after bad watching a team we know have bob hope of going up!!!!! Instead of going to every home game i now just pick my matches i suspect like thousands more,With the right investment with quality players the fans will be back …its in the blood…we need Hope..

  3. Leeds United cannot and will not be great again until Ken Bates goes. He has had his chance and blown it. No ambition, too old and not a fan of the club.

  4. LUFC TRUST? run by a cod ed- absolute laughing stock> sod off you fat hull fan

  5. What, Gary Cooper’s not from Leeds? LET’S BURN HIM.

  6. I’ve been going to Elland rd since i was 8 ( now 48) and the other night against charlton was the worst atmosphere i can ever remember – Mr bates , go now

  7. Charlton was worst game I can remember. no atomosphere as no ambition on the pitch. At this rate of decline we will fit into the south leeds stadium. I pay for my son and grandaughter to go watch that rubbish with me. It costs me over £160 each game with travel parking etc. Bates is sucking the life out of the club. I have been going to ER for 46 years this is the lowest ebb i have ever experienced even in Division 1 It was awful thats it until Bates has gone for me and my family.

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