Designing the Leeds Fans LLP logo

Leeds Fans LLP aims to break Leeds United’s chronic ownership spiral by enabling supporters to have a stake and a say in the future of our club. Just 100 days since conception, Leeds Fans LLP today launched the first phase of a £10m fundraising initiative, the biggest in UK football history.

Back in January Leeds Fans LLP asked me to design them a logo, fast. I got scribbling and gave them this little scarf-themed number in two colour ways: home and away. | @LeedsFansLLP | /LeedsFansLLP





3 Responses to “Designing the Leeds Fans LLP logo”

  1. Obviously one of the bottomtow, both of which I like. I probably lean towards the left – white (since Revie) plus traditional blue and yellow. More closely refers to typical home strip.

  2. bottomtow? That would be interesting. Bottom two.

  3. Ah good stuff Wayne when I first saw it on the site I knew it was your work.

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